Within The Frame

Sushmitha & Kaushik

Sushmitha’s wedding was an incredibly special and memorable occasion for all of us, but especially for me as her best friend. So we planned to do an engagement session first. From the moment she told me about it, I knew that this would be a truly unique and extraordinary event. We ended up meeting them in Coorg a month before their wedding.

Sushmitha’s desire for something unique and different for her engagement session led us to embark on an unforgettable adventure. We began with a short but exciting morning session at the enchanting waterfalls of Ayatana Resort, Coorg, where the natural beauty of the surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for capturing some truly stunning shots of the happy couple. The muted colours of the property and the cascading waterfalls created a serene and calming atmosphere that perfectly contrasted with the vibrant colours of the wedding attire. After the shoot at Ayatana, we drove off to the outskirts of Coorg, where we were greeted with a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The rolling hills and lush greenery provided an idyllic setting for capturing more stunning photos of the couple.

Shooting in the rain is no child’s play; let me tell you that! We were up for a hilarious adventure as the rain decided to grace us with its presence for two whole days! We started with high hopes but soon realized we were in for a soaking-wet experience. We pulled out our trusty umbrellas to stay dry, but the wind was so strong that we ended up losing two of them in the process. It was like Mary Poppins had invaded our photoshoot! We had to trek for some of the shots, which was harder than getting out of bed on a Monday morning. And let’s not forget the constant back and forth to the car whenever it started pouring. We probably ran more than we shot! Despite all the chaos, we snapped some hilarious photos that will make for great memories. All in all, it was a wet, wild, and wacky experience!

Photographed By: Ajay J

Filmed By: AJ Shetty, Thilak Shetty

Location: Ayatana Coorg

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