Within The Frame

Kunal / Raksha

Kunal wanted his proposal to Raksha to be a little bit different, and boy did he deliver.

‘When wild ambitions and searing adoration come together, something truly remarkable often happens.’
Kunal is someone that likes his actions to speak louder than his words. And so, when he came to us and said that he wanted to propose to Raksha, his girlfriend of 9 years, We knew it was going to be impressive. He explained that he wanted us to shoot the event, and that top of his proposal idea list was a helicopter ride. Wow, it was a yes from us, and so we set about prepping for the day.

On the day of the proposal back in September, Kunal drove them both out to a secret location. Once there, Kunal calmly brought his future bride out of the car and guided her towards the big surprise. With the wind whipping through her hair and a smile from ear to ear, Raksha waited patiently to see what Kunal had planned for her. She didn’t have to wait long.

Soon they were flying high above the open skies, Raksha still reeling from this sweet surprise. Together, they soared above the countryside, binoculars in hand. And, just as planned, Kunal said that he spotted something curious down below them, and pointed it out to Raksha. Her face lit up as she read the words ‘Will you marry me?’ written on a huge banner below. She turned towards Kunal, who was a ready and waiting ring in hand, and eager to hear her response. Of course, the answer was yes! And the ring was carefully slipped onto her finger. Down on the ground, the pair embraced, soaking at the moment, and excitedly planning the next adventure to come.

Photographed By: Ajay J

Filmed By: AJ Shetty

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